Did I make some mistake? Oh, that's great!

Book review

Nowadays we tend to focus on excellence and perfect results only. We are afraid of failure and we are afraid to make mistakes. Which in fact is very limiting. The work of Erik Kessels - www.kesselskramer.com - seems flawless. However in his new book Failed it! Kessels reveals more than 150 projects that are based on errors and imperfections. Purposeful as well as accidental ones. He, as a matter of fact celebrates the art of making mistakes.

This pocket guide about errors shows how to transform mistakes into ideas across broad spectrum of creative forms such as design, photography, architecture, or product design. Kessels encourages creative people to catch on these errors and take an advantage of them. He uses photographs of his own work but also some found projects and together with quotes and tips he explains the aim and results that can be achieved thanks to the mistakes. He emphasises that 

'failure is not fatal. Quite the opposite.'

Making mistakes during our creative process is actually helping us find new ways as well as increasing our creativity. It brings new possibilities of how to look at things. I would compare it to today's trend of lomography, and leaving the result partially or fully on a coincidence. This book will help you to open your eyes and untie your hands.

And as Erik Kessels adds: 'Amateurs tend not to be slavish about getting the picture 'right', they just want to get the picture. They never know what they might end up with, and they don't particularly care. Nor should you.'

This article was also published on Czechdesign.cz (in Czech language)

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